We are hiring

At Van Campen Liem, we value our employees highly. Aside from being offered complex legal work and a highly competitive remuneration package, being part of the Van Campen Liem team means that you not only enrich our firm, but we enrich your working life as well. We strive to facilitate an environment that is both engaging, fast paced and challenging, but at the same time inclusive, friendly and rewarding.

We have an eye for detail and do everything we can to make sure that our offices are an appealing place to be. Day in, day out. We are always looking for talented and ambitious professionals.

Amsterdam office

At our beautiful Amsterdam office, located at a five-minute walk from the Vondelpark, a stroll and a breath of fresh air is never far away. Each day, our in-house kitchen team works together with external caterers to prepare a healthy and ever-surprising lunch. A variety of fresh fruits, juices and nutrition bars is available throughout the rest of the day. The end of the week is celebrated with always crowded Friday afternoon drinks and in addition to daily comfort, we offer regular outings, sportive activities and other social events in our office garden and at external locations.

Luxembourg office

Our Luxembourg office is located at the heart of Luxembourg-City, overlooking the Petrusse valley, and close to all local amenities (public transportation, shops, etc.). We have arranged for a rotation of local restaurants delivering lunch to the office from Monday to Thursday while, on Fridays, we organise team (or cross-practice) lunches outside of the office and/or afternoon drinks. We also gather outside of the office for the annual Schueberfouer fair, end-of-the-year dinner and other (optional) team-building activities with a particular focus on cultural and sporting events.

Combined events

To strengthen the cooperation between our offices, we organize trips abroad for all our employees on a bi-annual basis (generally one ski trip in winter and one trip in a sunny location in summer).


In a nutshell