Van Campen Liem assisted UFG Private Equity with investment in Santens Service

Van Campen Liem has assisted UFG Private Equity Fund II L.P.  on the Dutch and Luxembourg legal and tax aspects of the investment in the Santens Service Group, a leading provider on the pharmaceutical logistics market of Russia.

The investment is a landmark transaction in the Russian pharmaceutical logistics industry. The UFG Private Equity investment will serve to finance Santens’ next cycle of growth including the expansion and development of the company’s core services and storage facilities.

The team of Van Campen Liem that worked on this transaction consisted of Marcello Distaso, Aldo Schuurman, Yana Levin, Nicole van Smaalen, Assia Tsjapanova, Ekaterina Lebedeva, Andrew de Vries and Ilona van den Bergh.

For more information, please visit UFG Press Release,
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