Social responsibility

It is impossible to imagine modern business and current society without social responsibility. Van Campen Liem wants to be responsible when it comes to the society we live in, diversity and the environment.

We believe in a mixed business culture in which diversity is a key element. Our office has a good blend of people with different nationalities, races, religions, genders, backgrounds, origins and orientations, and we will continue to promote such a diversity. We strongly support the principle of equal opportunities in recruitment and carreer.

By offering our services on a pro bono basis, Van Campen Liem supports various charitable organizations, such as Orange Babies, Richard Krajicek Foundation, Stichting Hart voor het Vondelpark, Emma Kinderziekenhuis AMC and Fight Cancer (KWF).

We realize that the work that we do also creates a burden on the environment. Van Campen Liem nevertheless aims to reduce such environmental burden where possible. We for instance make sure that Van Campen Liem buys sustainable products to the extent possible. We try to reduce the use of paper, by raising the awareness about two-sided printing and about further digitalization within the office.