Van Campen Liem assisted GMT and VSS with the sale of IT-Ernity

Van Campen Liem assisted GMT Communications Partners (“GMT”), its co-investor Veronis Suhler Stevenson (“VSS”) and the founders with the exit from their investment in IT-Ernity, a provider of business-critical managed services and shared hosting for SMEs in the Netherlands. The business was acquired by TransIP, a Dutch independent hosting and VPS provider.

In May 2013, Van Campen Liem also assisted GMT and VSS with the acquisition of IT-Ernity, which was a growth capital investment alongside the founders of the company. Following this investment, IT-Ernity completed the strategic acquisition of CloudVPS, a cloud infrastructure (IaaS) provider in the Netherlands, and Signet, a provider of connectivity, networking and VoIP services.

The team at Van Campen Liem consisted of Marc van Campen, Thomas Mitchell, Paul Kraan, Aldo Schuurman, Sophie de Mandt-Sprockel, Ilona van den Bergh, Assia Guillevin, Thijs Leupen, Ekaterina Lebedeva and Ruby Vinkesteijn.