VCL Luxembourg Flash Tax News – August 2018


  1. ATAD implementation – Bill 7318
  2. Multi-lateral convention to implement tax treat related measures to prevent base erosion and profit shifting (“MLI”) implementation –Bill 7333
  3. Value Added Tax (“VAT”) – group VAT and market conditions – Bill 7278 approved by the Luxembourg Parliament

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Trust Offices (Supervision) Decree 2018 – time bomb for proxies granted under private law?

On the 26th day of June 2018, the Dutch Ministry of Finance (the “Ministry”) has announced a consultation for the ‘Trust Offices (Supervision) Decree 2018’ (the “Decree”). This Decree entails that anyone who represents a company based on a proxy falls within the scope of the Trust Offices (Supervision) Act 2018 (the “Act”). The Act currently applies to trust offices who are defined in article 1 of the Act, meaning that only those who grant trust services qualify. Read more