Modernisation of Dutch Partnership Laws

On February 21, 2019, the Dutch Minister of Justice and Security published a preliminary draft of a legislative bill for new statutory provisions regarding Dutch partnerships (the “Draft“). The Draft provides an update of the current partnership laws that date back to 1838. Based on the proposal of a private sector partnership law committee (the “Proposal“),[1] the purpose of this Draft is to create a legal framework suiting the wishes and practices of today’s entrepreneurs, with the appropriate guarantees for the partners and the creditors. In this alert we will highlight some of the notable elements of the Draft. Read more

New initiative policy document in respect of a ‘new’ legal form – the so-called “BVm”

On the 24th day of September 2018, an initiative policy document (the “Initiative“) was submitted by a member of the Dutch House of Representatives to (i) fortify the position of social entrepreneurs by creating a legal form fitting for social enterprises, (ii) include the Social Enterprises Code (Code Sociale Ondernemingen) in Dutch law and (iii) alter the government policy on this subject. Read more